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Hosting a Large Event at Home? 5 Things You Should You Rent

If you're hosting a wedding reception, family reunion, retirement party, or other large gathering at your home, you may be excited but overwhelmed at the thought of having so many people in your home. What can you do to help make your homestead more comfortable for a large party—and help you avoid days of cleanup? Read on for some rental ideas that can help make your party or gathering run much more smoothly.

Tent rental

Unless your house is quite large or specifically equipped to host large numbers of people, you'll likely be more comfortable spending most of your time relaxing outside. However, the risk of rain or inclement weather can make planning an outdoor party stressful, and may not leave you with much of a Plan B. By renting several large tents or canopies, you'll be able to ensure that guests are shielded from rain, wind, or even sun. You'll also be able to set up a cooking station or food table without the risk of debris or wind-borne objects finding their way into your meal.

Bench rental

If you're considering asking your guests to bring their own camp chairs or folding chairs to ensure you have enough seating, you may want to consider renting several sturdy benches or tables instead. Sturdy wooden benches can help give your gathering a classy, rustic look while encouraging guests to gather in groups around central tables. You should be able to rent benches, picnic tables, and freestanding chairs from a local party supply company.

Portable toilet rental

One of the most important components of a successful party is ensuring that guests have adequate, comfortable toilet facilities. If your own home has relatively few restrooms, you may want to consider renting a portable toilet trailer. Unlike the bright blue or green plastic portable toilets you may associate with large public events, these toilet trailers are large and well-equipped, resembling a master bathroom in an expensive home. These portable trailers are air-conditioned, and some may even have granite countertops and a separate closed room to provide guests with a private changing area.

When you rent a portable toilet trailer, you'll simply pay a rental and disposal fee and schedule times for dropoff and pickup. The rental company will handle any transportation and the disposal of waste. You can go to sites to learn more about your options.

Buffet equipment

If you're stressing at the thought of having to feed dozens of people at once, you may want to consider renting some buffet equipment, including warming trays, large grills, and portable cook-tops. This will allow you to prepare food on-site (avoiding the risk of dropping cooked food in transport) and cook a large quantity of items at once without depending on your home cooking equipment. For extra-large events, you may even be able to rent a portable air-conditioned food trailer (like a food truck) that will provide you with a full-service outdoor kitchen.

Portable bar

For some events, keeping the alcohol flowing is the key to a fun and memorable party. Rather than having a set of bottles on a picnic table, create the atmosphere of a full-service bar by renting one. These bars can be powered by just an extension cord, and will provide you with beer taps, liquor on ice, and a variety of refrigerated beverages.

You'll be required to pay to stock the bar (or can do so yourself with your own variety of spirits), but should be able to keep any unused leftovers for which you've already paid. You'll then be asked to pay a rental fee, usually assessed at a daily rate.