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5 Reasons Why Brass Is Best In The Realm Of Plumbing Fittings

When it comes to your home and your family, you want the best. Even when you need something that you may have not known you had in the first place, like plumbing fittings, you seek out the best products to keep your family safe and happy. Since plumbing fittings are an important part of your plumbing system, you need high-quality products so you don't have to worry about mold-inducing leaks that can rot the wood in your home. The best type of plumbing fittings are brass fittings, and here are 5 reasons why brass is the best:

Reason #1: It's Corrosion Resistant

The brass used to make plumbing fittings is created with a specially formulated and balanced composition of zinc and copper alloy. In fact, the brass used in plumbing is made primarily of copper, and mixed with 1% - 40% zinc. Brass made with 15% zinc or less is more corrosion resistant than brass formulated with a higher percentage of zinc. This type of brass is also called dezincification resistant, DZR, DR, or CR brass.

During the manufacturing process of brass plumbing fittings, the metal is heated to specific temperatures and detailed parameters are followed, so the brass remains very corrosion resistant. The manufacturing process is very precise and must be followed exactly so the brass fittings will be durable enough to withstand extremely hot water, which is found in harsh environments like water boilers. Brass is also perfect for homes with hard water and/or chlorinated water, which can easily corrode fittings made of plastic or other materials.

Reason #2: It's Fire Resistant

Since brass can handle very high temperatures, it does not melt easily if there is a fire. Many people are surprised to hear that if a house burns down, brass plumbing fittings are usually one of the only salvageable items that remain.

Reason #3: It's Versatile

Not only are brass fittings available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and widths to fit anywhere in your home's plumbing system, but they can be molded and shaped. Another wonderful way brass fittings are versatile is that they come in several different finishes so you do not have to sacrifice style. This is important for homeowners who have sections of pipes that can not be concealed. A trip to your local home improvement store will reveal that you can buy brass fittings that are polished to a shine, matte, and other types of finishes.

Reason #4: It's Malleable

Brass is an alloy that is very malleable, which means it can be bent, molded, and shaped any way you need to in order to make it fit on the pipes in your home. Iron and steel aren't malleable. This characteristic also makes it easier to maintain and repair your fittings, because you can solder brass fittings to plug leaks, or you can solder them directly to the copper pipes in your plumbing system.

Reason #5: It's Durable

Finally, brass is a very durable material that doesn't crack easily. Also, brass does not rust like most other types of metal. Because of it's extreme durability, they will last significantly longer than PVC fittings, or other types of metal fittings. This means investing in brass fittings for the plumbing system in your home is worth the price. 

Brass plumbing fittings continue to prove their worthiness in houses across the country. Since brass is corrosion resistant, fire resistant, versatile, malleable, and durable, you won't find a better plumbing fitting.  If you don't have brass plumbing fittings in your home now, consider upgrading. Call your local plumbing service to find out more information.