Upgrading Your Pipes

Determining The Type Of Well Pump You Need

If you have a well on your property, then you also have a well pump that forces water from the well to your home. If the pump breaks down for some reason, then the pump will need to be replaced. However, you cannot just pick any pump and add it to the well. If you are unfamiliar with well pumps, but have to purchase a new one, then keep reading to understand some basic questions you will need to answer before buying your pump.

What Type Of Pump Do You Have?

There are a few different types of pumps that may be used to move water out of your well. One type is called a jet pump, and this pump sits above the ground. You may see the pump sitting next to the well or it may be located in your basement. The device will have either one or two pipes coming out of it. If you notice one pipe, then the pump will be a shallow well variety. Two pipes indicate a deep well pump. 

If you do not see your well pump, then it is likely that the pump is inside the well itself. You will have a submersible pump if this is the case. Submersible pumps are quite common, since most wells are about 200 feet deep. You will notice a large pipe running out of the top of the well if you have a submersible pump. The pipe connects to a tank called a pressure tank that sits close to the well. This tank helps to provide your home with consistent water and water pressure. 

How Powerful Is The Pump?

Once you have figured out the type of pump that your well uses, you will need to understand how powerful it needs to be. Power is measured in horsepower (HP), and the HP may be listed directly on the pump itself if you have a jet variety. If you have a submersible pump, then you will not be able to see any information on the pump itself. If you cannot look at the pump or if your pump has not been delivering water as well as it should, then you will need to figure out the total dynamic head. This term refers to the height that is needed to deliver water to your home by taking into account friction and losses as the water is moved through the pipes.

You can use an online calculator to figure out the total dynamic head, and this figure will help you to figure out what HP pump is needed. You will need the gallons per minute of water flow that you desire from the pump. For a well, six gallons per minute is suggested. Once you have this figure, you will also need to find out the diameter of the pipe leading out of the well as well as the length of the pipe. Pipe length is often very close to the depth of the well itself, and the well is created to reach the level of the groundwater in the area. If you do not know the depth of your well, then you can use groundwater data for your area to determine approximate well depth

Once you make your calculations, you can determine if you need a one-half, three-quarters, one, or two horsepower pump. If you are concerned about the power and size of the pump you need, then you can purchase a device that is a bit larger than your calculations estimate. You can also speak to a well pump professional if you are unsure about the type of pump that you should buy. This type of expert should also install the pump for you. This is ideal, especially if the pump is a submersible variety that is difficult to reach.