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How To Fix A Clogged P-Trap

If your bathroom sink will not drain properly, there might be a clog in the p-trap located below the sink. Clogs in p-traps are very common, and they are not hard to fix either. If you believe your clog is in your p-trap, you could follow these steps to unclog it. Fixing it yourself could help you save money, and you could always call a plumber if you cannot make the repairs yourself. Here are the steps you should follow if you want to fix the clog yourself.

Gather the right supplies

The P-trap under your sink is a pipe that drops down below all others. This pipe is there is help eliminate sewer gases from your drains, and it is a common source of drain clogs. To fix a clog in your P-trap, you will need to have several different supplies. This will include a bucket, towels, pliers, and coat hanger or brush. Once you have these things, you can begin the job.

Remove the P-trap

Before you attempt to remove the p-trap, clear out the cabinet where the p-trap is located and place a bucket under the trap. A P-trap will almost always have water in it, and it may have a lot more than that in it if it is causing your drain to be clogged. Next, use the pliers and loosen the nuts that are holding the P-trap in place. Once you loosen them, you should be able to remove them and the p-trap.

As you do this, you will know if the clog is in this area, because you will see debris trapped in this pipe. If there is debris in it, you will need to thoroughly clean it out and throw it in the garbage. You can then insert the coat hanger into the drain pipe to see if there is anything trapped in it. The coat hanger will help you remove any built-up debris from inside the drain pipes.

Put the p-trap back in place

Once you are certain you have removed all the debris, you can place the P-trap back in place and tighten the nuts. Finally, you should run the faucet to see if the water goes down like it should and to make sure your p-trap is not leaking.

If you do this and are still experiencing problems with water draining down this sink, you will need to call a plumber like Day's Plumbing Supply Inc to find out where the clog is located.