Upgrading Your Pipes

The Problems With You Kitchen Sinks and Some Improvements That Will Help

The kitchen sink is an area of your home where you may have do deal with many different types of problems. The drain beneath the sink may become clogged, not drain properly or have your wedding ring in. Adding a vent, or installing a trap with a cap will make solving drain problems easier. In addition, you may have issues with water lines or appliances connected to the pipes beneath the sink. Here are some of the answers you will need to solve all your kitchen sink problems:

1. Leaking Seals Around Screw on Trap Fittings

The plumbing traps that screw together are going to make DIY maintenance easier, but the seals are eventually going to leak and need to be replaced. Make sure that the seals are the correct size and installed on the fittings correctly. It is a good idea to keep a set of plumbing seals in your maintenance toolbox to do a quick repair to the drain beneath the kitchen sink when it is needed.

2. Replacing Flexible Lines and Sealing Around The Threaded Fittings

Flexible plumbing lines are used in several areas in your home to provide water to appliances. The fittings on these lines can become damaged or the line itself may eventually need to be replaced. Use a plumbing tape to seal around the threads when repairing flexible lines. These lines are often used for sinks and for things like the toilet in bathrooms. Occasionally inspect lines for signs of damage and repair leaks to prevent further damage.

3. Clogged Drain Lines and Lost Items in Traps Beneath Sinks

The drain in your kitchen is also an area that is likely to clog or have something foreign caught in it at some point. If you want to be able to easily solve your kitchen drain problems, install traps that have access traps that can be removed to get to a stubborn clog or something that has been lost in the sink. You can also use the access to get to clogs that are deeper in lines with a plumbing snake, and bypass overflow drains and other plumbing.

Since the kitchen sink is one of the areas in your home where plumbing is used the most, it is also an area where repairs are going to be needed at some point. If you need help with repairs and improvements to the plumbing in your kitchen or bathroom, contact a plumber to help you with solving the issues. For more information, contact a business such as Ken Rentmeister Plumbing.