Upgrading Your Pipes

Three Reasons To Consider Hiring A Plumber For Your Bathroom Remodel

If you are remodeling a bathroom or kitchen, you will more than likely be moving or replacing some of the fixtures, sinks, or other items at the same time. In some locations, plumbing work has to be completed by a licensed plumber. Running a new drain line or feed into a sink, tub, or toilet is not difficult to do but if the code requires a plumber complete the work, you will need to hire one even if you know how to do the work.

Moving a Waterline

When you start to consider updating an aging bathroom, you may want to change the layout or design of the room. But what happens if you want to move the sink to the opposite side of the room? The water lines feeding the sink and the drain out will need to be removed. A professional plumber can quickly handle this job for you. They will reroute the lines and make sure they run properly to the new location. The best time to do this is when the wall is open or have no drywall on it. Otherwise, the plumber will have to open up the wall to get to the pipes to plan the job with this in mind.

Custom Shower Installations

If you are installing a new shower with multiple built-in wall or ceiling heads to spray water from many angles, you will need multiple feed lines run to the heads. With custom showers, the trick is getting the lines in the right spot so that the heads and the lines meet. It is going to take some time to get the water lines cut and run so that they go precisely where they need to be. A licensed plumber will have the background and knowledge to set this system up for you so that it functions properly.

Understanding the Pitch Of Drains

When a drain line is run from a sink, tub, or toilet, the line needs to have a specific pitch to it for the drain to work correctly. Because gravity is the force behind the water flow out of the home, if the pitch was wrong, you could end up with drains that do not work effectively. Even though the pitch is slight and you might not see it just looking at the pipes in your basement or crawlspace, it is there. A plumber can set the drains up properly so that the water running down the drains doesn't back up the system.