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3 Important Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Plumber and Not Attempt DIY Solutions

Have you just moved into a new home only to discover that it has a few minor plumbing issues? Do you think that you can handle these things yourself without calling in the help of a professional plumber? While some plumbing issues can be very simple, such as replacing a broken toilet float valve, most repairs are ones that you're going to want to leave to a professional plumber. A few reasons why you should avoid attempting to tackle most plumbing jobs include:

To save time: Unless you've had plumber training of your own, it's not always easy to tell at first glance exactly what supplies you'll need for a particular job. You could come back from shopping at the local hardware store, only to find out that most of the items you bought won't actually fit where you need them to. You'd then have to return to the store to get the correct parts, something that could be repeated more than once over the course of the repair. Avoid having to make repeated trips to the hardware store by hiring a residential plumber to handle the job. Many plumbers carry around the most common plumbing supplies, meaning that your plumbing issue may be fixed in a matter of minutes.

To save money: Sometimes, a hardware store isn't going to be able to take back certain plumbing supplies. This is going to be true even if they have an otherwise liberal return policy. As a result, you're going to have to spend more money on the supplies that you need. In addition, you'll also be spending money just to get back and forth between the hardware store and your home. Once you're done with the job and you add up the cost of everything, you'd likely find out that it may have cost less for you to have just called a residential plumber in the first place.

To prevent insurance issues: If you decide to try to remedy the plumbing situation on your own, it's possible that you could accidentally damage one or more pipes in the process, which could then flood your home. If your homeowners insurance company finds out that it was you who was doing these repairs at the time, they may refuse to cover the damages. On the other hand, if a residential plumber were to somehow inadvertently cause your house to flood or other damage, you should be covered under their insurance policy. If not, your homeowners insurance is more likely to pay out to cover the resulting issues than if they had been caused by your actions.

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