Upgrading Your Pipes

What's Wrong With Your Sewer Lines?

You might have no problems tackling the minor clogs that form in the kitchen or bathroom pipes from time to time. However, when you seem to have a stubborn clog that just isn't clearing, you may start to wonder what's happening. There could be something more serious happening, such as the two situations below.

The Main Line is Obstructed

All of the pipes inside the house feed into one singular main sewer line on the way to the property's sewer tank. The main line is often far removed from the other pipes. Therefore, if attempts to settle a clog problem are unsuccessful, even with chemical drain cleaners or augers, the main line could be clogged up and you can't reach it.

To access the line and work it with an auger, you're going to have to head out into the yard where the sewer tank is. Many times, the pipe for the main sewer protrudes from the soil so it can be seen. In fact, if you've had a strange pipe peeking up from the soil and never knew what it was, it's likely that you've seen your main line pipe before. A rubber cap should sit on top, which you can remove to slip an auger inside. Working the auger should end up dislodging any main line obstructions unless there's something else occurring.

Tree Roots Have Damaged Pipes

Another thing that could be happening is your bushes or trees have grown so well that their roots have begun to extend deeply into the soil. This is fine if the roots are nowhere near your pipes, but often the roots can keep digging deeper and deeper without regard for any sewer lines. Eventually, the pressure exerted on pipes is so high that the roots can damage them.

One way you can be absolutely certain that's the case is to rent a special camera to go into the sewer lines and observe them for yourself. If roots have caused any damage, you're likely to see soil inside the pipes and won't be able to pass the camera past a certain location.

You and your family need your sewer system to work. Therefore, when you expect that you've got an issue like those here, use the suggestions first. If they don't, you may need sewer repair services. Call a local company or individual contractor who has the ability to check for all possible sewer problems and solve them for you.