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Why A House Might Have A Foul Odor

Is there an unpleasant odor in your house that does not go away no matter how many air freshening products you try? The odor might stem from something in your house that requires attention from a professional. Several things can go wrong in a house that leads to foul odors developing, such as the plumbing system accumulating debris. You can get your house inspected to find out what the root cause of the odor is so the problem can be resolved. In this article, you will learn about some of the common causes of houses developing unpleasant odors.

Rotten Food & Debris in the Plumbing Lines

The most common reason for a house to develop a foul odor is from there being food and other debris inside of the plumbing lines. For instance, if food is the reason for the foul odor, you might want to inspect your kitchen sink. If the odor is stronger near the kitchen sink, it is likely that food has been going down the drain and accumulating. You can get the drain cleaned by a plumber, as he or she can do a better job than most of the general drain cleaning products are able to do. A plumber can also clean out all of the other drains in your house in case they are contributing to the foul odor being present.

Mold Growth in Areas That You Can't See

Mold is another common reason for a house to have a foul odor in it. However, the odor from mold is usually easy to distinguish from the type that stems from dirty plumbing lines. If mold is causing the odor, there is likely a musty odor in your house. In such a case, you might want to search for water damage in case there is a leak that you don't know about. A plumber can actually assist with repairing a leak that stems from plumbing lines bursting open.

Mice Carcasses in the Ventilation System

Do you notice that the foul odor gets worse when the HVAC system is running in your house? If so, the problem might lie within the ventilation system. It is possible that pests such as mice have died in the air ducts and there carcasses are in need of being removed. An HVAC technician can be hired to inspect the ducts to determine if there is anything of concern inside of them. He or she can then clean the ducts out on your behalf. If mice are the problem that is causing the odor, you should also hire an exterminator to get rid of any that are still alive in your house.