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Is Pulling Hair Out Of Your Drain Causing Big Problems?

It's a common sight: hair collecting in the bottom of your sink or bathtub gathering and forming a clog. For most people, grabbing this clog and ripping it out seems like the way to resolve the problem. Unfortunately, this can cause problems for you later on, as this hair can come back to haunt your plumbing in an even worse way. Find out what's wrong about this method and what you can do to combat hair.

Hair Breaks

Hair has a nasty way of tangling itself, whether it's attached to your head or stuck in the drain of your sink. Once hair has tangled around itself or another strand of hair, it's almost impossible to get it out of a drain without breaking that hair. Unfortunately, that likely means that a part of the hair will break off into the drain. If this is a frequent problem for you, then a large amount of hair is regularly breaking off into your drain, which will eventually cause a blockage.


Individually, the hairs that break off in your drain won't cause any problems. In fact, you may not think that hair has anything to do with it, because blockages formed by broken-off pieces of hair can take ages to form. Since the hairs are tiny, initially they'll wash freely down the pipe exiting your house. Eventually, however, those hairs will build up and form a lump, knot, or full-on blockage in your pipe. This can wreak havoc on plumbing throughout your house, depending on where the blockage forms. If it manages to make its way to your sewer line leading away from your house, every appliance in your house with a drain could be affected.

What To Do

If you've already got a blockage forming, there's not much you can do but to contact a professional plumber. They will be able to completely clear out your pipes, ensuring that they drain properly. If you think you've pulled any hair out of the drain recently, it's a good idea to call a plumber now rather than to wait for a problem to happen.

Once your problem is resolved, you'll want to prevent it from happening again. The best way to do this is to use a simple drain filter that prevents hair from getting into your pipes. You can also use an enzymatic or gentle drain cleaner to dissolve any hair that manages to get into your pipes before it can cause a problem.

Hair can cause major headaches for homeowners just because of what it can do to your plumbing. If you're worried that hair could be the culprit behind your plumbing problems, contact a plumber for assistance ASAP. Visit a site like http://www.LewisPlumbingSantaBarbara.com for more help.