Upgrading Your Pipes

Three Reasons Even Gently Used Drains May Need Cleaning

If you have little kids or a roommate who likes to rinse food scraps down the kitchen sink, you probably aren't surprised at all when the drains slow down a bit and need to be cleaned out. But what if you live alone or with another responsible adult and you both make a point of keeping solids, food scraps, and grease out of the drains? Your need for drain cleaning may come as a surprise. Here are three reasons why it can happen.

1. Tree roots in the pipes

Tree roots are one of the most invasively recurring ways a drain can become clogged. They often attack your sewer line, and if you don't remove the root cause, they'll just grow back bigger and stronger. Once roots have gotten inside a pipe, they can actually burst it from the inside. Fortunately, your plumber or sewer expert can clean them out with hydro-jetting.

If your drain inspection reveals that there are in fact tree roots in your pipes, you'll need to do more than just clean them out. You'll need to find the tree they're coming from and remove it. Or if it's on the neighbor's property and you can't remove it, you may need to dig around your pipes to install a tree root barrier. 

2. Delayed effects

In some cases, matter can build up in the drain over long periods of time before the drain actually shows signs of needing to be cleaned. If you moved into your home fairly recently, it's quite possible that the previous owner or tenant is partly responsible for the foreign matter in the drains. There may have been a partial clog even when you moved in that you simply didn't notice because the drains were still working and you had no point of reference to tell if they were draining slower than usual or not.

3. Small particles building up

You probably don't realize just how many hairs come loose from your head while you're washing your hair in the shower. Some of these may get caught in the mesh covering the drain, but others slip through. Soap scum can also cause significant problems, especially if you have hard water. If you find your shower or bathtub drain clogging, this could be the reason.

These are just three reasons why your drains could clog up even if you don't abuse them. Whatever the reason, be sure to have a qualified drain cleaning expert come out for an inspection and servicing as soon as possible.