Upgrading Your Pipes

When To Do It Yourself And When To Call The Professionals: Condo Fix Ups

One of the biggest decisions that you will face as a new condo owner is when to call in the professionals and when to try and fix it yourself. It's an important thing to consider since you are going to have to deal with condo boards, securing work permits, and all other sorts of bureaucratic issues that you would not have had to deal with when you were renting your own place. First off, when you were renting a place, there was a superintendent who would come up and handle the problems in your apartment. However, once you have your own condo, it's going to be your responsibility most of the time to handle the issues. In most cases, you will be responsible for all things that occur within the walls of your space. That said, you need to consider what you can do and if it's something you need to farm out to a professional.

Painting The Interior

This is totally something you can do yourself. It's not a complicated task, and you don't risk any major damage even if you are not a great painter. All you have to do is buy paint, rollers, tape, and painters tarps (to cover your furniture and floors). It can be a really fun thing to do on a weekend. You can invite some friends over and have them help paint the room with you. The most important thing to do is make sure you are prepared. You want to have the correct paint and tape. If you've never painted before, watch some videos and make sure to prime the walls. Even if the person in the store tells you you don't need to prime them (a base paint covering of white) you should do it, as you won't have to do as many coats with your regular paint.

Bathroom or Kitchen Plumbing Issues

One area that you need to be very careful about is the plumbing. If it's something as simple as replacing a shower head or switching out a broken aerator on the faucet, then go right ahead. But if you are dealing with plumbing issues that involve pipes, especially any pipes that extend into the walls, then you have to tread very carefully. This is not something that you want to risk working on and doing damage to. It can be a very problematic situation if you damage pipes. For this reason, you should really bring in professional plumbers from a company like Ez Flow Plumbing and have them take care of the situation.