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3 Tips To Troubleshoot Water Softener Equipment Before Calling For Professional Repairs

Do you rely on a water softener system to deal with hard water and mineral content in water? These systems help remove deposits like iron from your drinking water and they can wear down, become inefficient, or stop working altogether. If your water softener has stopped working properly, here are some troubleshooting tips to try before you contact a professional for help with the repairs:

1. Remove Mineral Deposits with Water Softener Cleaner Treatments

Mineral deposits and heavy metals like iron are a major cause of wear and inefficiency of water softener equipment. When the water softener becomes oversaturated with these deposits, it will not be able to remove particles in the water anymore. To solve this problem, there are special treatments that can be used to reduce iron deposits, other heavy minerals and mineral deposits that get caught inside the tank.

2. Allow for Excess Salt to Be Used in The Softener Before Adding More

The water softener that you use in your home uses salt to remove heavy metals and mineral deposits from the water. As you use the water softener, salt that removes these particles gets used up and needs to be replenished. The problem is that too much salt can be added to a water softener system, and you will want to allow the excess salt to be used in your water softener if you have added salt when it was not needed. If there was a problem before the excess salt was added, this may be a sign of another issue that you will want to have a professional repair technician diagnose.

3. Perform Routine Cleaning and Maintenance to Reduce Wear and Inefficiency

Cleaning and maintenance is the best thing that you can do to reduce the wear of your water softener and ensure it is working efficiently. You will want to clean the water softener at least once a year to remove particles in the system and ensure it does not become oversaturated with metals and mineral deposits. If your water softener is not working efficiently, you may want to try cleaning it to see if this is the problem causing it to be less efficient or not work at all.

These are some tips to help troubleshoot problems with water softener equipment before calling for professional help. If you have tried everything and your water softener is still not working properly, contact a water softener repair service like Scotto Services Plumbing for help with repairs and replacements of old worn water softeners.