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Don't Forget To Clean Your Toilet Tank

When you clean the toilets in your bathroom, you likely focus much of your attention on the bowl, the seat, and the base of the toilet. However, make sure you don't overlook the tank. Cleaning the toilet tank is important for several different reasons, here are just some of these reasons.

Dirt Debris

Although you might not realize it, a great deal of dirt can settle inside the toilet tank. After all, the tank doesn't have an airtight seal, so as these particles circulate through the air, they can also make their way inside the bowl. The primary concern with excessive buildup is that dirt sometimes contains bacteria strains. 

Not only do these strains cause odors that can emit outside the tank, but the bacteria can also eat away at the metal and rubber fixtures inside the tank. Regular cleaning helps remove this buildup before any problems arise. Keeping the toilet bowl clean can also reduce the amount of dirt that ends up in the tank.

Mineral Buildup

If your home is located in an area where the water is hard, tank cleaning is especially important. Hardwater earns its title due to the excessive amount of minerals that it contains. When hard water stagnates, some of the minerals in the water settle on the surfaces it comes in contact with. 

Over time, mineral deposits can cause corrosion that might target the metal fixtures inside the tank as well as the tank itself. When you routinely clean the toilet tank, you remove the buildup and eliminate the issues that come along with it. In addition to regular cleaning, installing a whole-home water softener can help with this problem.


The toilet tank is a world of its own, and you don't always know there is an issue inside of it unless you look inside. When you clean, you have an opportunity to get a glimpse inside the tank to ensure it's functioning correctly. For example, if the tank ball is not intact, water can flow from the tank into the toilet bowl almost nonstop. 

The more water that flows from the tank, the greater your home's water usage, and the higher your bill. Upon this discovery, a plumbing professional can quickly repair the problem for you and help you save money.

If you suspect an issue within your toilet bowl while cleaning, make sure you contact a plumbing service. No matter the issue, a plumbing professional can assist you.