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Tips For Choosing A Bathtub For A Small Space

If you are remodeling your bathroom, but have limited space, then you may have some tough decisions to make. If you still want to perfect bathtub, then keep reading so you can pick the perfect one for a tiny area.

Go With Height

When you think of a luxurious bathtub, you may conjure up images of a wide whirlpool tub that you can sprawl out in. If this is simply not possible, then you should consider height instead of width. This way, you can relax and lounge in large volumes of water much like you would if you had a wider tub. So, look for a tub that allows for about 14 inches of water. This is about two inches more than the standard bathtub and you can usually get one that is about 54 inches wide.

If you want something a bit extra, then consider a traditional Japanese soaking tub. These tubs offer the same sort of height that a more traditional tub provides, but it also includes a seat within the tub for comfort. Some of these tubs are also sunken for easy access and they may be even more compact than other soaking tubs.

Keep in mind that Japanese soaking tubs are considered specialty items, so you may end up paying a bit more for this type of product. Special orders may be required as well, so make sure to prepare early with your order so as not to extend the remodeling period. 

Think About a Corner Tub

If you have limited space, then you have to think less traditionally about your bathtub. While a rectangular one is considered standard, there are many other shapes that can choose from. And, a triangular one is perfect for a corner space. So, look at the corners in your bathroom and think about whether this may be ideal for your bathtub.

Corner bathtubs come both with aprons and without. So, if you have your mind set on a free-standing tub, then you can still choose this for your bathroom. Pedestal tubs can work well in small bathrooms as well and give the illusion of more space, so ask your remodeling expert about whether pedestal corner tubs are available. 

If you are thinking about a corner tub, then you likely can still get an inexpensive fiberglass or acrylic variety. However, these materials are often not used when making free standing tubs.

If you want to know more about bathtubs and how one can fit into a small space, contact companies such as Do-It-Ur-Self Plumbing & Heating Supply.