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2 Ways to Get Your Bathtub Drain Working Again

If your bathtub drain isn't draining as quickly as it should, you want to get it cleared up as soon as possible because it will limit how long your showers can be, how functional your bathtub is, and even could start to affect the drains in the rest of your bathroom. Before you do anything, you want to make sure that it's only the bathtub drain that is having issues and not every drain in your house. If you have problems in all your drains, then you may have issues with something like your septic tank or sewer line. If it is just in your bathtub, then you only need to deal with that particular drain. There are several things that you can do to get it draining quickly again. 

1. Pull Out Hair

One thing that you can do is to take the drain screen off the drain and pull out the hair that may have gathered in the drain. Everyone loses hair daily, and when you wash your hair it's more likely to come loose. Those loose hairs are going to wash down your drain and will start to clog it, especially if anyone at your house has long hair. So, get a screwdriver and take the screen off. You can then use something like a wire hanger and feed the hook end down the drain to grab any hair and gunk in the drain. There are also hair removal tools that you can use to pull the hair out. When you put the screen back on, there are also wire screens that you can put under the main screen that will help to catch more hair and keep it from going down your drain. 

2. Use a Drain Cleaner

There are chemical drain cleaners that you put down your drain to help treat a clog. Many of those cleaners are two-part cleaners, and when the two liquids are combined when you pour them into the drain, they start to create an expanding foam. As the foam expands, it fills up all the available space in your pipes and is designed to help clear up all the gunk and flush it further down the pipes and out into your sewer line or septic tank. 

If you have tried several drain cleaning methods and you are still having drainage issues, you can always call a plumber to have them come and inspect your drains for you so that you can be sure there aren't any other issues.