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Choosing A New Water Heater For Your Home

Water heater installation is typically done by a plumber or contractor, and if you are putting a water heater in a new home, you can choose any system you like. If you are replacing an old water heater, you can change the heater type, but people will often have the same type installed for convenience. 

Replacing Your Old Water Heater

Often when a water heater is old and is no longer working correctly, replacing it with a new water heater is the best option. Choosing a new water heater is not difficult if you are just looking for a replacement, and often the plumber doing the installation for you can pick up an equivalent unit at the local plumbing supply or home center. 

If you previously had an electric water heater, for instance, you may want to stay with the same type and size so that the plumber can install it quickly and easily for you. The water heater installation may only take a few hours if you go this route, and for many people, getting the hot water flowing again is all they want.

Replacing an old water heater with a new unit will increase the efficiency of the system and may save you some money over time. If you want to improve your water heater's efficiency significantly, some on the market will do that and can still be used as a replacement for the water heater that you removed from the house. 

New Water Heaters

In new construction, you need to install a water heater of some sort unless the home uses a boiler for domestic hot water. Since the house is still under construction, choosing a water heater offers you the ability to go with gas or electric, or even to consider a tankless water heating system if that interests you. 

Talk to the contractor building the home about the options. The area the water heater is going in can be set up to work with whatever system you chose. Often the water heater installation will not happen until after much of the house is finished, but selecting the system early ensures that the space for the system will be adequate for it when the plumbers install it. 

Preplanning for the system is often vital so that all the plumbing that connects to it can be installed and inspected during the home's construction. The plumber may put in the water heater before the walls are closed up if the building inspector requires the water heater installation before inspection, but your contractor will know what the timing of the installation needs to be for your home.

Contact a company that offers water heater installation services to learn more.