3 Tips For Minimizing Common Clogs

With many activities in your home that rely on fully functioning drains, it is almost inevitable that a clog will occur. Although clogs may be unavoidable, there are ways you can minimize problems in your pipes. Be Mindful When Washing Your Hair No matter how careful you are when washing your hair, some hair will end up down the drain. To minimize the amount of hair going down the drain, make sure the sink or bathtub is fitted with a strainer.

3 Health Risks Of Your Older Home's Plumbing System & What To Do About Them

When you have little ones, it seems like danger lurks everywhere you look. Baby-proofing a home consists of more than installing gates at the top of a stairway, plugging electrical outlets, and locking up cabinets, especially in older homes. If you have recently purchased an older home to raise your young family in, there are a few dangers you need to be aware of regarding the plumbing system. Here are 3 health risks that are associated with a home's plumbing system and how to reduce the risks of them so you can keep your children safe.

Determining The Type Of Well Pump You Need

If you have a well on your property, then you also have a well pump that forces water from the well to your home. If the pump breaks down for some reason, then the pump will need to be replaced. However, you cannot just pick any pump and add it to the well. If you are unfamiliar with well pumps, but have to purchase a new one, then keep reading to understand some basic questions you will need to answer before buying your pump.

How To Keep Your Water Heater Installation Project Stress-Free

A new water heater will likely provide you with more consistent hot water and possibly even help lower your monthly water bills thanks to optimal operation. You'll need to have your new unit professionally installed to avoid serious injuries and mistakes that would compromise the performance of your new system. But even though the installation process might seem intimidating, the process doesn't have to fill your life with unnecessary stress. Here's how you can keep your water heater installation project free of stress:

Be Proactive: Fall Tasks to Prevent Frozen Pipes This Winter

Frozen and burst pipes are a common concern when old-man winter comes along.  In the best-case scenario, you and your family may lose water for a short period. In the worst case, you may suffer thousands of dollars of water damage. While knowing what to do if your pipes freeze is important, being proactive and reducing the odds of it happening in the first place can save you the frustration and cost of dealing with frozen pipes in the middle of winter.

Five Signs You Need A Professional Drain Cleaner

Nearly everyone deals with sluggish or clogged drains on occasion. Most of them can be fixed easily with a plunger, but sometimes you need the services of a professional. Knowing when to pick up the plunger yourself and when to call in a plumber is important to keeping your plumbing operating smoothly. Some common signs that indicate the problem requires a plumber are the following: 1. Problems With Multiple Drains

How To Detect Lead Pipes And What To Do If You Have Them

With a shockingly high number of media stories focused on people who have received lead positioning from their drinking water, many homeowners are wondering if they are safe. Wondering if your pipes may have lead in them? Here's a look at how to check and what to do if you have lead: 1. Test your water. You can buy a simple water testing kit online or at your local hardware store.

5 Reasons To Call A Plumber Instead Of Using A Blow Bag To Clear A Clogged Drain

A blow bag might sound like a gag gift or a musical instrument, but it's actually a flexible rubber bladder that can blast clogs out of drain pipes. However, this small device isn't quite as easy to use as the packaging might make it sound. Reconsider the use of a blow bag and hire a plumber instead to avoid these five common problems. Damage to the Pipes You're just trying to get your toilet or sink to drain again, but now you're stuck with thousands of dollars worth of repairs to the buried sewer line.

The Proper Way To Fix Pinhole Leaks In Copper Pipes

Since 1963, over 5.3 million miles of copper pipes have been used for plumbing systems in about 80% of buildings throughout the United States. These pipes are projected to last up to 25 years, but professional plumbers will tell you that pinhole leaks are very common throughout the life of copper pipes. These leaks start out as pit corrosion, and are most often found in the hot water pipes laid after the water heater.

Tips For Getting Your Heating System Ready For The Months Ahead

Although summer is in full swing, it's only a matter time before warm weather gives way to colder temperatures. Chances are your heating system has remained dormant throughout the late spring and summer months, so it's important to know how to properly revive your heating system. General Heating System Tips Here are some helpful tips you can use to prepare your heating system for winter duty. You can carry out these tips yourself or have an experienced HVAC specialist perform these and other maintenance tasks on your behalf: